KleanApp - Tickets

A ticket system is a software function that makes it possible to professionally process customer requests (tickets) such as offers, complaints or disruptions.

The advantage of a ticket system of KleanApp is that the complete communication to a case or ticket takes place in one tool and not via email.

For example, if a customer complains on a daily basis that the wastebaskets have not been emptied, and this is perhaps only once a week in the If the service specifications are available, you can use these data to renegotiate the service specifications for an additional fee during a customer discussion.

There may also be complaints about a particular toilet room. Here you can find clues for areas in and you can train your cleaners specifically.

As a service provider, your cleaning staff can also report defects to the respective caretaker via the ticket system.

As an end customer, you can quickly and easily forward any type of complaint to the service provider via a ticket system. The system will then inform you when the ticket has been processed or settled and you will have an overview. The ticket system can also be used to request special cleaning services from the service provider.

Advantages of a ticket system

  • Communication on a case or problem takes place in a tool.
  • No customer concern goes unnoticed
  • Overview of all open issues
  • Evaluations and statistics for customer meetings and quality improvements

The integrated ticket system of KleanApp offers you and your customers numerous possibilities to create a ticket. In the classic way via the mobile app or our website. The software also automatically provides you with an input form for each object via link, which you can forward to the respective customer. If inspection items are to be used during quality controls a ticket will automatically be created for post-processing.

KleanApp can automatically convert emails and generate tickets from them, so different ticket systems can be merged.

How a ticket is created

  • Automatically when poor quality evaluations occur during an inspection
  • KleanApp can convert emails into tickets
  • Customers get an individual link (Input form)
  • Manually via the app or the website