KleanApp - Quality checks

The main goal of KleanApp is the mobile or electronic quality control. Rooms in the object are checked and evaluated. You can define in KleanApp which control points should appear during the evaluation. You can define this via the usage type (room group) or in detail according to the bill of quantities. Due to the flexible design of the software, you can KleanApp completely adapt to your needs in the areas of evaluation scheme, inspection items and types of use.

You can plan and predefine controls or perform ad hoc. You can schedule and specify up to three images and Add comments.

In addition to standard reports such as the monthly report for the customer, individual reports are also available. Various grouping and filter functions allow all aspects of the existing data to be optimally analyzed and to improve quality.

Usage areas

  • Quality control for the cleaning business
  • Predefined and ad-hoc inspections
  • Documentation of quality audits and inspections
  • For the cleaning company for internal quality control
  • For the customer for quality control of the cleaning company


  • Room list with objects/buildings/floors and usage types
  • Simple upload of room lists (MS Excel files)
  • Inspect any number of check points per room
  • Detailed reports and analysis available
  • Perform inspections on PC, smartphone or tablet


  • Clearly arranged app and web application
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Permission management (Staff and Objects)
  • You can change and adjust all data and settings quickly and easily by yourself
  • Free support by phone, chat and app